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How It Works


and Personalize


Register & Connect

Easily set up and customize your VoiceStorm community. Invite others to join by simply claiming their account using their company email domain address.  Tool tips guide along every step of the way, including how to connect social accounts and broadcast messages.


Content Marketing


Create & Curate

Managers can post any type of content – articles, videos, blogs, and links from a variety of sources including branded,  employee and 3rd party sources. Managers also retain control over what content gets published and to whom.


and Amplify


Participate & Reward

Employees can now create, discover and share content to all their social networks. At all times they have control over what posts to share and to which social networks. Added features like points and leaderboards keep employees engaged and motivated.


and Measure


Track & Report

Drill down and measure results by members, posts and feeds. Optimize content based on individual post metrics – # shares, clicks and impressions over time. Track member shares, reach and influence to reward and recognize top employees.



Increase awareness, reach, and engagement with brand content and drive real time feedback and response.


Speed lead generation and customer acquisition, reduce list purchase costs, and cultivate new prospects/leads.


Increase employee productivity via an engaged workforce, improve company morale and pride, and reduce employee turnover and hiring time.


Improve company productivity, reduce support costs, and align management and employees with shared goals.


Use Cases



  • Product/service news
  • Press releases
  • Event marketing
  • Campaigns and Promotions
  • Increase awareness and reach
  • Improve engagement with content via trusted sources
  • Drive real time feedback and response


  • Special offers and coupons
  • Customer wins and stories
  • Speed lead generation and customer acquisition
  • Reduce list purchase costs
  • Drive sales
  • Cultivate new prospects / leads


  • Job opportunities
  • Consulting opportunities
  • Employee recognition/rewards
  • Increase employee productivity via engaged workforce
  • Reduce employee turnover and time to hire
  • Improve overall company morale and pride


  • General company news
  • Crisis management responses
  • Investment updates
  • Improve company productivity
  • Reduce support costs
  • Align management and employees with shared goals


Q. What is VoiceStorm?
A. VoiceStorm is an employee advocacy platform that helps companies turn their employees into powerful brand advocates. Employees are motivated and rewarded to share approved content to their social networks, helping amplify the brand’s goals.

Q. How does VoiceStorm work?
A. Anyone can quickly set up a customized VoiceStorm account and start curating content for their employees to share. Employees sign up using their company email, connect their social accounts and share content at will. Everything is tracked and managed through the VoiceStorm platform including shares, clicks and impressions by members and content.

Q. What are the primary use cases for VoiceStorm?
A. Customers have been using VoiceStorm to share product news, press releases, job listings, special offers, coupons, lead referrals and more.

Q. How much does VoiceStorm cost?
A. VoiceStorm is currently free for companies up to 40 members per community during the beta trial. Final pricing will be determined at a later date. If you would like to sign on more than 40 members, contact us at info@voicestorm.com

Q. How long does it take to set up a VoiceStorm account?
A. You can set up an account in less than 5 minutes. Simply choose your settings, customize your hub and upload your company logo.

Q. How do I grant Administrator access to others?
A. Every admin must first signup as a member. On the Community Settings page, type the member’s name into the text field under the ‘Managers’ section. Select the member’s name and click the Add button to the right and that person will now have Admin access to the platform.

Q. How do I change the frequency of the notification emails to members and/or managers?
A. On the Community Settings page you can change the frequency to either or both members or admins to daily, weekly, or none under the Notification sections.

Q. Where do I find member submitted posts and how do I publish them?
A. When signed into the admin dashboard, click on the ‘Posts’ tab. The middle tab, ‘Pending’, contains all the posts submitted by all members. To publish their submitted posts, all you have to do is click on the green checked circle. You can always “un-publish” any post by sliding the green dot to the left when in the ‘Published’ tab.

Q. Somebody has already set up my company’s VoiceStorm account. What can I do?
A. Send us a support request at support@voicestorm and we can help take care of it.

Have any other questions? Send them to us at support@voicestorm.com

More Questions? Read additional FAQs here.


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